What Have They Done – ep.9 – Metallica

What Have They Done” – with – Metallica

selecção feita por João Clemente


Michael Armstrong – One
Crystal Age – Damage, Inc
Shotgun Remedy – For Whom The Bell Tolls
Sloppy Seconds – Hit The Lights
Machine Head – Battery
D.O.A. – Motorbreath
Agent Orange – Seek & Destroy
Luciferion – Fight Fire With Fire
Testament – Holier Than Thou
Marilyn Manson – Master Of Puppets
Dee Dee Ramone – Jump In The Fire
Ceremonial Oath – Disposable Heroes
Billy Milano, Scott Ian, Phil Soussan, Vinny Appice – Whiplash
Dark Angel – Creeping Death
Color Blind – Harvester Of Sorrow
Mastodon – Orion
Death Angel – Trapped Under Ice
Funeral For A Friend – Damage, Inc.
Infamy – Disposable Heroes
Motorhead – Whiplash
Michael Armstrong – The Unforgiven




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